Skin disorders (wounds, burns, etc)

【Current status of skin disorders and potential of cell treatment】

Wounds are caused by, for example, injuries, burns, blood circulation failure, and diabetes mellitus. Cultured epidermal sheets made from human skin stem cells are being applied to treat severe burn injuries at present. In the case of therapy for large burn injuries, there are some problems such as lack of autologous skin grafts and allogeneic skin graft rejection.
It has been reported that recruitment of stem cells to the injury site accelerated wound healing. Development of technologies to recruit stem cells to the injury site and studies on stem cell treatment for skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis are in progress.

【Institutes conducting animal experiments or clinical trials】
◆ Osaka University  ◆ Nagoya University  ◆ Tohoku University
◆ Tokyo Medical and Dental University  
◆ Nagasaki University
◆ Pharmaceutical Research and Technology Institute, Kinki University
◆ Hyogo College Of Medicine

【Case : Nagasaki University】
Animal experiments suggested that bone marrow-derived stem cells were recruited into the wound site and they would promote wound healing and regeneration. It has been confirmed that transplanted bone marrow-derived cells were recruited into fibrotic lesions in mice.

【Case : Hyogo College Of Medicine】
It has been reported that adipose-derived stem cell infusion into mouse model of atopic dermatitis contributed to suppress infiltration and activation of inflammatory cells and improve the skin symptoms.

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