Dental and oral diseases (periodontal disease, pulpitis, etc)

【Current status of dental and oral diseases and potential of cell treatment】

In the treatment of pulpitis, damaged dental pulp is removed and the root canal space is filled with biocompatible materials generally. However, removal of dental pulp often causes the tooth to decay more severely because it becomes difficult for patients to notice early stages of tooth decay after the nerve removal. By transplanting dental pulp-derived stem cells into the root canal after removing decayed pulp tissues, regeneration of vascularized dental pulp and establishment of long-term oral health are expected.

【Institutes conducting animal experiments or clinical trials】
◆ Nihon University  ◆ Tohoku University  ◆ Nagoya University
◆ Aichi Medical University  
◆ Osaka University
◆ Center for Development of Advanced Medicine for Dental Diseases (National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology)

【Case :Center for Development of Advanced Medicine for Dental Diseases】
Clinical study aimed at evaluating the safety and efficacy of autologous dental pulp-derived stem cell transplantation into the root canal space has been conducted for patients with pulpitis.
It has been confirmed in animal experiments that dental pulp-derived stem cells regenerated dental pulp containing blood vessels and nerves in several months.

【Case : Osaka University】
It has been confirmed that transplantation of adipose-derived stem cells into periodontal tissues can promote alveolar bone regeneration in beagle dog.

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