Breast (Breast reconstruction)

【Current status of breast reconstruction and potential of cell treatment】

Surgical treatment for breast cancer often requires removing the entire breast and many patients hope to undergo post-mastectomy reconstruction after the surgery. Breast reconstruction can provide an increased quality of life (QOL) for patients who have undergone mastectomy. Although there are some challenges such as low survival rate of transplanted adipose tissue or formation of lumps after conventional fat grafting into the breast, recent clinical findings show that stem cell-containing adipose improve survival rate of transplanted tissue and treatment using stem cells is expected to contribute to higher patient satisfaction.

【Institutes conducting with animal experiments or clinical trials】
◆ Tottori University  ◆ Kansai Medical University

【Case : Tottori University】
A clinical study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of breast reconstruction using autologous adipose-derived stem cells has been conducted in patients who were treated with breast-conserving surgery to remove cancer more than a year ago and do not have metastatic and recurrent tumors. It has been reported that complications such as immune responce, infection and carcinogenesis have not occurred in treated patients. Breast calcification has also not been found, and QOL of patients has been reported to improve after the treatment.

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