Beauty/cosmetic treatments (removal of skin wrinkles and depressions, improvement of skin elasticity, breast augmentation, etc.)

【Current status of beauty/cosmetic treatments and potential of cell treatment】

Anti-aging care such as removal of facial wrinkles and breast augmentation using adipose-derived stem cells receive focus recently. Compared with conventional fat grafting, beneficial effect on increasing survival rate of transplanted tissue and persistency of the effect can be expected from using stem cell-containing adipose tissue. The risk of rejection can be also avoided by using autologous adipose tissue.

【Institutes conducting with animal experiments or clinical trials】
◆ Tokyo University  ◆ Osaka University

【Case : Tokyo University】
It has been reported that treatments using autologous adipose-derived cells were conducted on about 500 patients including those seeking facial rejuvenation and suffering from facial lipoatrophy, and the safety and efficacy of the treatment were confirmed.
In the treatment for facial lipoatrophy, although the degree varied among patients, all patients showed clinical improvement in lipoatrophy over the 9-month follow-up period. Further evaluation and follow-up have been considered to be needed in order to establish stem cell therapy for cosmetic purposes.

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