Information about the clinical study (hepatic cirrhosis)

《 Inclusion criteria 》

With regard to the results of the below three inspections 【CT scan】,【Blood test ( i )】, and【Blood test ( ii )】, patients that correspond to any of three results and do NOT correspond to any of categories described in ≪Non-targeted patients≫ are targeted for the clinical study for hepatic cirrhosis by using stem cells at Medical corporation Kaizuka hospital.

【CT scan】
Patients diagnosed with hepatic cirrhosis by CT scan. (In this case, blood tests are unnecessary.)

【Blood test ( i )】
Patients with elevated level of a hepatic fibrosis marker M2BPGi compared with the reference value. (In this case, other blood tests are unnecessary.)

【Blood test ( ii )】
1. Type IV collagen
2. P-III-P
3. Hyaluronic acid
Patients with elevated levels of two of the three hepatic fibrosis markers listed above compared with the reference values.

≪Non-targeted patients≫
Patients that correspond to any of following categories are excluded from this clinical study.
A. Patients that cannot abstain from drinking throughout the clinical study
B. Patients suffering from serious heart diseases such as heart failure and arrhythmia.
C. Patients that are pregnant or lactating, or have a possibility of being pregnant.
D. Patients having cancers.
E. Patients with infections such as HIV, HTLV-1.
F. Not evaluable patients.
G. Patients younger than 20 years old.

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