【Please be careful of malicious business】

There have been cases where medical institutions or companies that have not signed a business consignment contract with our company promote their business by false or dishonest means: they act as if they signed a contract with us.
As we cannot overlook the nuisances, we inform you about our client medical institutions.

You can check the medical institutions that have signed a business consignment contract with us from our website (please click here).
We have never signed the contract with medical institutions or companies which are not listed on our website.
Client medical institutions posted on our website are updated appropriately, thus there is no case where “it has not been posted on the website yet.”

Please take care that malicious medical institutions and companies may promote by using our business cards and pamphlets.

Please note again that there are no companies that have technical cooperation with our company.

Banking of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells has been started

We have started a stem cell banking service for future medical use. By using our service, adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells can be cryopreserved/banked for autologous stem cell transplantation therapy.
Please click the link below if you are interested in our banking service.


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